NFL Week 8 Weather – Rain A Player in the Northeast

We’re knocking on the door of November, the month where the real cream rises to the top of the NFL standings. Could Mother Nature have anything to say about who the best teams will be in the National Football League? The weather will certainly have a lot to say about who survives Week 8.

The week gets going early on Sunday with the final of the NFL London games for 2017 from Twickenham Stadium. The Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings make the trek overseas for this game, and will be greeted with fairly kind weather for their trip.


A coastal storm on Sunday riding up the east coast will bring wet weather to many games in the Northeast. Three games with a 1:00 PM eastern kickoff will be wet from the start, and continue throughout the game – in New York, Philadelphia, and New England.


Another 1:00 PM eastern kickoff with some weather of note will be the matchup between the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As Tropical Storm Philippe passes over south Florida, a few stronger wind gusts could be recorded nearby. Wind will certainly play a role in the kicking game.


Here are the rest of the 1:00 PM eastern kickoffs from across the National Football League:


Two games will get underway in the 4:00 PM eastern hour, on opposite ends of the country. In Seattle, fairly dry conditions are expected in the cool Pacific Northwest. Meanwhile, the nation’s capital will get drenched by the passing coastal storm as they host the Dallas Cowboys.


On Sunday Night Football, the weather will be no factor for the game, but may be a little chilly for those heading out to tailgate in the Motor City. Detroit will host their friends from the southeast, the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Finally, on Monday Night Football, picturesque weather is expected at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City for a divisional battle between the Chiefs and the Denver Broncos.


As always, remember to check the forecast before heading out to the stadium or to tailgate. The weather will always have an impact on America’s game. Stay tuned for more on your weather.

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