Disaster in Tweets – Gatlinburg Wildfire

Gatlinburg Wildfire

The consequences of a massive drought across the southeastern United States came to a head late Monday night. A wildfire burning in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee forced the evacuation of the resort town of Gatlinburg, before the city itself caught ablaze. And the reports from there have been pouring in overnight.

Social media has been aflutter with information, pictures, and stories of survival, flight, and loss. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported thus far in this disaster. However, it is a sobering reminder of how quickly and suddenly conditions can change, and how one small ember can spark a massive fire in such dry conditions.

Reportedly more than 100 structures were on fire in Gatlinburg. Here is a small sampling of what is trending on Twitter from this dramatic event:

You can find more stories and information on the Gatlinburg wildfire and the responses to it on Twitter by searching #Gatlinburg. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and all those impacted by this disaster.


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