The Next Chapter of My Meteorology Journey

It was just over one year ago that I graduated from Plymouth State University with my Bachelor’s Degree in meteorology, and I set out into the wide world of weather. I began this blog, Weather Unlimited, around a year ago as well, and much has changed in my path through the weather enterprise, except one thing – my passion for my future profession.

If you told me one year ago today that I would be sixteen hours away from home, living in a dorm at a school I had never been to, I would have just dismissed it as impossible. But yet, today I write this from my room in Ruby Hall at Mississippi State University where I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Geosciences, with a focus in broadcast meteorology. A year ago, I was firmly against going back to school just to get “another piece of paper” to get a job. My how things have changed since then.

Today I experienced my first day of classes as a graduate student at a school four times the size of where I did my undergraduate experience. I already feel at home at Mississippi State, much like how I felt at Plymouth State University. The professors here are friendly and here to support all the students in class and out. And southern hospitality isn’t just limited to people who are originally from this state.

The next two years for me will be filled with classes, schoolwork, research, on-air practice, and hopefully an internship or two. I will make new great friends and connections, maybe find a mentor in the field of broadcast meteorology, and have a great number of new experiences here at Mississippi State. My future path to success remains strong, and MSU is only going to improve my fortunes to become a great broadcast meteorologist.

Here’s to the next two years. Hail State!

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