What’s in a throwback?

Arguably the most popular creations of the social media age is the ability to “go back in time” and share old pictures, memories, and moments on Throwback Thursday. Everyone from your mother to big name companies and sports leagues have gotten involved in the #TBT over the years, but this Throwback Thursday for me carries special meaning.

Earlier today, I shared this photo on my Instagram account, going way back to when I was in fourth grade:

It goes back to a day in March where I had the distinct honor of meeting Chris Cimino, one of the top broadcast meteorologist in the New York City market, and I would argue in the industry today. As a young fourth grader, I was awestruck in his presence, as he what I aspired to be – a great television meteorologist. And to this day, that remains my dream.

Of course, the dream has taken much more work that I could have imagined some thirteen years ago. The competitive nature of the television marketplace cannot be understated, with every spot on television from the #1 Nielsen market down to the small stations in America are all challenging to attain. But in the end, it takes perseverance and determination in order to achieve your dreams, and it’s something I never plan to give up on.

So what’s in a throwback this Thursday? It’s more than just a picture and some words, but it’s a dream that burns strongly in my heart and my mind.


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