Celebrating Earth Day 2016

Did you remember today was Earth Day? I remember long ago when I was a child in elementary school what an important holiday it was for us kids, where we learned about our planet and the importance of being smart and caring for it always. But as I have grown older, its importance has seemingly slipped away among those in my generation, and even those younger than I. It is time to reclaim the importance of Earth Day every day.

As we all are aware, the Earth is not a stagnant feature. Things are always changing with our planet and its atmosphere, and no matter what anyone says – the politicians, the pundits, the non-believers – humans have an impact on what happens to this planet. And in a time where Americans and people all around the world seem to be even more divided than ever, climate change and environmental protection is just one of those issues we cannot agree on. So how do we move forward as mankind in order to protect this one planet we have?

Obviously there are many important issues at hand that the world collectively must face. From terrorism to poverty to the economy, there is no lack of challenges for all of us to overcome in the near future. But we must not let our judgement become to near sighted that we lose track of the long term issues that threaten to derail our lives and our world. And climate change is prominent among them.

The steps taken with the Paris Agreement are a good step towards being able to address some of these issues, but yet there are those out there who oppose these measures. There are people who still hold firm to the belief that climate change is not happening, and that this planet is not threatened by the actions of mankind. To those who believe that, I give you this scenario to consider – if you throw a party in your home, and the guests leave a mess in their wake, do you leave the mess and ignore it until it becomes a hazard and impedes everything in your life? The Earth is our home, and mankind has been partying at home for too long without a thorough cleanup.

This is why it is important to remember that today is Earth Day. Today is not only about understanding the world and environment around us, but how to protect it and keep it as our home. What will you do to protect your home?


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