Weather and America’s Pastime

It’s opening day for Major League Baseball around the United States (and Canada), and while many in the country may not feel like its spring, America’s summer pastime is ready for the opening pitch. But, things did not get off to a great start for baseball today in the Northeast and Midwest, where rain and snow plagued many of their games.

The first game called off today was the clash between the New York Yankees and Houston Astros, due to rain showers that persisted over the metropolitan area during the day, adding to the showers that rolled through overnight. The Red Sox, playing in Cleveland against the Indians, soon followed suit due to precipitation as well.

At the time of posting, Camden Yards was under a delay as the Orioles were set to face the Minnesota Twins, but rain was impeding those efforts. Fortunately, their cross-beltway rivals, the Washington Nationals, were away to start the season at the Atlanta Braves, otherwise they would be likely to face the same fate.

Meanwhile, to the north in the Midwest, snow showers hugging Lake Michigan made the weather a bit winter-like for folks in Chicago and Milwaukee. The Brewers hosted the San Francisco Giants on opening day, with the roof closed at their ballpark while the flakes flew sideways outside. To the south, both Wrigley Field and U.S. Cellular Field will remain quiet, as both Chicago teams are away to start the season.

The month of April always proves to be a complicated month for weather and baseball. With the crossover of the end of winter weather, and the abundance of spring showers, rain-outs and the occasional snow-outs remain possible for many teams, especially in the northern states. Even in the face of that, the baseball fans of America are ready for their days back out at the ballpark.


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