Winter Storm Regis Post Mortem

Spring is officially here, and while some revel in the warmth that the season will bring, others were hoping for one final winter push from Winter Storm Regis. In the end however, many areas didn’t see the snow live up to the hype.

Snow totals over the day Sunday and into Monday were not that impressive in the New York City metro, maxing out at 2 to 3 inches over Long Island and along the Jersey Shore. However, larger totals were found in southern New England, with some areas in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut receiving 4 to 6 inches of the white stuff.

The biggest numbers came from New Hampshire and Maine for Winter Storm Regis, with some areas receiving as much at seven to ten inches of snow. While most of that snow was contained to coastal areas of the states, there were still many slick and snow covered roads across northern New England. The University of New Hampshire was open on Monday, though the school issued a written apology claiming it to be a poor decision.

In the end, the storm itself did not live up to the hype that some gave it. Part of that can be pinned on the models, as we previously discussed with many different paths. However, part of the responsibility of forecasters and meteorologists is to communicate the uncertainty of the situation at hand. Certainly, the forecasts did evolve over the course of the week and the models came around to the idea of the storm taking more of an eastern track. The Euro, NAM, and GFS models began that gradual push to the east near the end of the week, though some models did have a slight shift back west the night before.

The key takeaway from Winter Storm Regis is that no storm is a guaranteed thing, and the forecasts are always evolving. Do not fall into the trap of being locked into what your first guess is on snowfall totals, or what the first forecast is from your favorite weather source. The weather is always evolving, and so are your trusted neighborhood meteorologists.


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