Winter is (Finally) Coming…

If you’re living in the Northeast of Mid-Atlantic states of the USA, you may have noticed something missing this holiday season and into the new year…winter. With unseasonably warm temperatures, sometimes running fifteen to twenty degrees above average, many began to wonder if snow would even be in the forecast this winter for places like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

Those questions are no longer being asked however. Winter is (finally) coming for the east.

The pattern that dominated the weather picture for much of the month of December in the U.S. is breaking down. Cold air is finally able to penetrate from Canada and bring more seasonable weather for the eastern half of the nation. And no one is probably more happy about this than the meteorologists and the private sector.

Meteorologists can finally breathe a sigh of relief and not have to answer the redundant question of “When’s winter coming?” anymore. And those who love the snow, can finally rejoice at the fact that those odds are continuing to increase for accumulations. Though some areas may continue to wait for a decent snowfall, especially the southern Mid-Atlantic region, it’s fairly certain that snow will come in time there.

Meanwhile, private businesses are going to be happy to see winter come with a vengeance for some of the most densely populated cities in the country. Retail outfits and clothing stores who have struggled to push the winter apparel will now get that opportunity. Also, home improvement stores and grocery outfits will be happy to see the public rush out and stock up before the storms start rolling in.

However, on the other side, local and state governments would have been quite content to see winter not show it’s ugly face this year. Taking Boston for example, where the only adjective to describe last winter’s wrath may be “apocalyptic”, city officials would have been overjoyed to not worry about the costs of snow removal, sanding and salting of the roads, and paying for all the labor associated with it. And while certainly this is budgeted for each season, but with overruns in previous years, local coffers are already stretched to the limit.

It may be the beginning of January, but it’s better late than never for winter to arrive on the scene. And there is a lot still to come before Punxsutawney Phil gets his say on the matter.


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